New Writing Project

As most of you can probably tell, writing is my life, passion, and the blood that runs through my veins. All of my quirky hobbies are simply branches sprouting from the tree. Except perhaps weddings, but it’s hard enough to break into that industry in the first place. I count writing as DIY when it come from the heart, especially when it’s in screenplay format.

I wrote a screenplay a few months ago that is thus far untitled, about a doctor who helps a goofy, bumbling king find his stolen heart and save his kingdom. Its sounds cheesy and troped, but I swear it is fresh and new and interesting, still in its tender second draft. I’m waiting on word from a screenwriting teacher on its potential, but I’m starting to question my trust of a theater professor in a public university. Oh well; I’m sure he’s swamped too.

While that project’s cooling off on the cookie rack, I’m developing the format to another screenplay that deals with a Nordic village and an alien runaway. In this story, a chieftess’s daughter forms a strong bond with the runaway slave of an alien race, years after its enemies ransacked their northern village, Brennigalf. The Nordic people believe the aliens that plague them are Jotuns. The chieftess’s daughter summons all of her strength to help the runaway fight off its captors and save her village before their anger ruins their way of life forever.

This will be an ongoing project, so I will post updates of this story as its pages unfold. It’s definitely a project for the silver screen, in my opinion, but then again what young, bright, cloud-headed twenty-two year old doesn’t want to see her work soar to the stars?

More screenplays are on the way, as more ideas and thoughts tangle themselves up into a protein of tertiary proportions. Thanks for your support and continued viewership of my blog, lovely readers!

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